An online profile management system has been built to match and put in touch job seekers with their respective employers in addition to that, a search technique has been developed to enable users to get results based on their search criteria in the most efficient possible order.


When you begin a new action in the system, you are initiating the creation or modification of a position description. If you intend to fill the position through a competitive or non-competitive search, you will begin by selecting one of the “fill” actions. When you save an action for the very first time, the system automatically assigns the action an action number.

Hiring Proposal

After acceptance of a written offer, your business center HR staff will complete a Hiring Proposal to “seat” the selected applicant to the position.


This role initiates and submits actions in the online recruiting system.


When you submit a “fill” action through the system, once the position description is approved by your business center HR staff, they will create a “posting” from the position description. Once your business center HR staff creates a posting and saves it for the first time, the system automatically assigns the posting a posting number. Always reference the posting number when discussing fill actions – right up to and including the time you request appointment to a position.


This role is responsible for reviewing actions in the online recruiting system at the request of the Initiator before submission to the business center HR staff. The Reviewer can make comments in the system on the Comments tab of an action, but cannot edit the contents of an action. Use of the Reviewer role is optional, depending on your department’s internal procedures regarding review and submission of actions to your business center.


The Search Committee is responsible for managing the recruitment and selection processes according to university policy, guidelines.